Where You Sit Matters!

Booth Spring Seating

Don’t fall victim to the ole “you get what you pay for” trap. When selecting your booth seating, consider the entire cost in terms of repair and replacement needs down the road.

Nothing ruins a dining experience quite like uncomfortable, awkward, saggy booth seating. Let’s be honest, we’ve all sat in those booths before. What’s the deal? And could it be costing you on Yelp?

Look Under the Hood

Unfortunately, a common method for reducing the overall cost of a booth is to skimp on the construction of the seat. Inferior grade foam and webbing is often utilized in these low budget booths. In a few short years, those low-grade materials dry out and start to disintegrate. Eventually, the materials extrude through the spring assembly. Not only does this turn your seating into an eyesore, but it leaves your customers sitting directly on top of the springs (ouch!) — and lower than desired in relation to your tabletops.

With SIMS Seating, we don’t cut corners. SIMS uses high-quality foam and webbing that will ensure the same comfortable seating experience decades later that you had on day one. Our sinuous spring seating is also constructed with great care and attached to quality hardwood frames in order to avoid having the springs work loose in the years to follow.

SIMS Brings Long-term Value

When you choose SIMS for your seating needs, you are investing in long-term peace of mind. A SIMS investment allows you to focus your energy on the important aspects of daily business operations. You are also ensuring your customers will have the best seating experience for years to come. And with proper cleaning techniques, your seating will always look good on social media when your customers share their experiences!