Vinyl Selections

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SIMS vinyls are priced from grade 1 to grade 3 with grade 1 being the least expensive. With today’s vinyl production technology, you can select any color, texture, or pattern you can imagine. Vinyl is extremely durable and with proper cleaning it can last a lifetime! SIMS has dozens of vinyl styles and colors to choose from, but we can also upholster your seating with Customer Ordered Material (COM). Our project managers will keep in touch along the journey to ensure a quality finished product!

SIMS makes every effort to ensure our products are manufactured to meet only the highest quality standards. However, due to the wide variety of materials on the market, there are variables that cannot be accounted for until the fabric and/or vinyl is being processed. This occasionally dictates more time and labor in the handling and upholstery process. In these cases, additional charges for upholstering may be incurred. (Note: When quoting COM Yardage Requirements, normal circumstances are taken into consideration.)
When working with Customer Ordered Materials (COM) — application suitability and manufacturing defects are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. SIMS Superior Seating, Inc. will not be held liable for such materials.