Cleaning and Care of Vinyl

Cleaning Vinyl Seating

Vinyl is a Durable and Longlasting Choice. 

When it comes to frequently asked questions, “how to clean vinyl” ranks in our top 10.  Improper cleaning, using certain cleaning agents, and failing to replenish the oils can all lead to unnecessary damage over time. When you follow these quick and easy cleaning tips, you will ensure that your SIMS Seating investment will bring you long-term gains! 



     · For Light Soiling on Vinyl (Test a small area first)

     · Use a mild liquid soap with warm water.

     · Rinse well.

     · If necessary use a soft brush.


For Heavy Soiling

     · Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Difficult Stains on Vinyl (Test a small area first)

     · Use a weak solution of bleach and water – not more than 10% bleach.

     · Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes.

     · Rub gently and rinse well.


Replenish the oils and protect the vinyl!

This is the step where most mistakes are made.  Remembering this important step will keep your vinyl seating from drying out and cracking over the years.

     · To keep the vinyl from drying out, use a vinyl protectant or household furniture wax after every cleaning.


Thank you for choosing SIMS! For more detailed instructions and tips on cleaning your vinyl seating — feel free to call or email SIMS.