Elementor #603

SIMS Seating Terminology

Terms You May Encounter When Requesting A Seating Quote

Angles & Curves
Angles other than Standard 90 degrees are considered custom. Curves other than those shown in photographs or drawings are considered custom.

Base, Bottom (Kick Base)
The lower part of the base that rests on the floor.

Base, Top
Section of the base between the bottom base and the seat.

Biscuit or Diamond Hand Tufted
“Hand folded” square or diamond pattern.

Biscuit or Diamond Sewn
Booth inside back with “machine sewed” square or diamond pattern.

Crumb Strip
A two-inch strip of trim that can be added to models that do not have a crumb trough.

Crumb Trough
Standard wipe out tray between the back and seat.

An additional piece of trim that extends back height to add privacy.

Double/Single Trim
Double wide post or caps (shipped separately) to join two frames back to back.

Eased Edge or Corner
Rounded to remove a sharp edge or corner.

Finished or Unfinished End
Specify left or right as you are sitting in the booth.

Free on Board merchandise accepted by the carrier.

Head-roll (Upholstery term)
Six-inch horizontal accent standard flat or contoured channel across the top of the booth; and may extend down the sides and may be smooth or shirred.

ISB (Upholstery Term)
Inside Back

Knocked Down. Product is shipped partially unassembled.

Dimensions that include a table and seating on either side.

Overall Dimension

Outside Back

Post Panel or End Cap
Trim to finish the end of a booth.

Outside back of the short sides of a circle.

Booth back that is higher in the center, sloping down at both ends.

SE (Self-Edge)
Table Top with a laminated edge.

Set Up. The product is shipped assembled.

Wall Panel
A laminated or upholstered partition, the height of the booth and the length of the opening.

Welt (Upholstery Term)
A covered cord is sewn into a seam for reinforcement or trim.

Wall to Wall dimension