Power Up Your Seating

Typically I like to book my own flights so that I can avoid as many lay-overs as possible. However, this particular trip was booked by a third party and included a four-hour layover in Baltimore. What is a solo traveler to do with that amount of time?

I decided to use some of that time to grab some lunch, catch up on social media, and perhaps text a few friends. Unfortunately, my phone battery was low which left me with a couple of options — grab some fast food and eat next to a power outlet in the concourse or find a comfortable and more private restaurant setting that offered access to an outlet. Fortunately, the latter option became a reality.

Connectivity is very important in our modern society and keeping those devices charged is just as important. The above scenario is probably played out more often than we realize, so the question is — do you offer your customer a place to recharge? Let SIMS help you with our selection of mini-tap outlets that can be installed in most of our seating products. Getting the consumer to spend their money at your establishment could very well depend on meeting this very real need!

SIMS Mini-Tap Outlets

Setting up your mini-tap powered seating is as easy as 1-2-3 — simply unbox the seating, place it, and plug it into your 120v wall socket! Mini-Tap outlets are also available with right angle cords. Contact SIMS for more information on this custom seating feature!