SIMS Quick Ship: The Farmore Faster

Quick Ship Booth Seating Single and Double

You are just about ready to open your new restaurant. Strict attention to detail has been given to the kitchen area and all the equipment is installed and ready to go. Then you realize that while all your attention has been devoted to the kitchen — seating in the dining area has been overlooked. You need booths and you need them quick! SIMS is here to help!

When selecting your seating, pricing is a major consideration — but in the above scenario so is product arrival. That is why SIMS designed the Farmore Faster in both singles and doubles.

Quick Ship and Built to Last:

The Farmore Faster features a durable hardwood bottom base, SIMS signature spring seat, a smooth inside back, and slipcover upholstery with the choice of eight Piedmont Vinyl colors. The booth design allows for quick factory assembly with a 4-6 week window for delivery. With the SIMS Quick Ship Farmore Faster, you’ll get the same SIMS guarantee! Quality is not sacrificed for speed and SIMS will stand behind these booths. With proper care and maintenance, the SIMS Quick Ship Farmore Faster will last for decades. Use these pro-tips to ensure longevity.

Order your SIMS Quick Ship Farmore Faster booths today!