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upholstered bench vinyl

It’s not a request SIMS gets very often, matter-of-fact you could very well say that this is the only time in our over 40-year history we’ve received such a unique request!  

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The story begins in 1997 when Warren and Jean Hill purchased a corner bench from SIMS to accent their kitchen. The bench is situated in such a fashion that it gives Warren and Jean a view of their backyard pond and wildlife. Over the years, the corner bench became known as “the gathering place” not only for Warren and Jean but for their children and friends too.  A real special place where a lifetime of memories has been created.

However, the Hills noticed that a section of the vinyl on the bench experienced some minor damage from years of cleaning without replacing the oils [for proper vinyl care read these tips]. With Warren and Jean’s 60th wedding anniversary approaching, the couple wanted to preserve their special “gathering place” for many more years to come. That’s when they approached SIMS and asked if we could reupholster their bench. This came as a surprise to us as we’ve never received such a unique request!

Upon hearing their story we, of course, gladly took on the job. We even gave the Hills a special product to prevent the vinyl from becoming damaged again after years of cleaning [ask SIMS about our line of durable vinyl seating].

With their “gathering place” newly restored – Warren and Jean Hill look forward to creating many more years of memories! According to Jean, this was the best present she could have received for their Diamond Jubilee.

Happy 60th Anniversary to Warren and Jean Hill from SIMS!