Where You Sit Matters!

Booth Spring Seating

Don’t fall victim to the ole “you get what you pay for” trap. When selecting your booth seating, consider the entire cost in terms of repair and replacement needs down the road. Nothing ruins a dining experience quite like uncomfortable, awkward, saggy booth seating. Let’s be honest, we’ve all sat...

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Power Up Your Seating

Typically I like to book my own flights so that I can avoid as many lay-overs as possible. However, this particular trip was booked by a third party and included a four-hour layover in Baltimore. What is a solo traveler to do with that amount of time? I decided to...

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SIMS Quick Ship: The Farmore Faster

Quick Ship Booth Seating Single and Double

You are just about ready to open your new restaurant. Strict attention to detail has been given to the kitchen area and all the equipment is installed and ready to go. Then you realize that while all your attention has been devoted to the kitchen — seating in the dining...

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